Saturday, February 20, 2016

Social Media Marketing(TSU)

Have you ever felt guilty for being on Facebook when you should be doing something more productive?

Well it might be time to stop feeling guilty, because there's about to be a way to make money from social media.
"Tsu" - a new social network which will work in a similar way to existing social media such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter - promises to redirect profits BACK to the users. That's you.
Facebook earns its megabucks by charging advertisers to show adverts to its users.
But Tsu thinks that some of the profits in this business model should go back to the people who are actually generating the money - that, once again, is you. 

So how would this actually work?

The new social network vows that 90% of its revenue will go back to users, so every time you write an update, share a photo, or visit a friend's profile, you could be earning some cash for yourself.So that dream of sitting on your computer all day and making bank could be closer than you think... or could it?

How To Make Money

Learning how to make money from home online can be one of the best ways to start creating an additional source of income that you can use in a variety of different ways.

If this is your first time working on creating online income for yourself it will be much like learning how to walk, read, write or ride a bike. It can be very challenging and it will require that you have the self discipline to focus on learning what you need to learn and then doing what needs to be done until you reach your goal.